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More affordable housing!

At today’s Council meeting, I had the privilege of voting on one of the most exciting development sites I’ve ever seen.

This development is 100% rental, 50% of which is Burnaby affordable (20% below CMHC median for the neighbourhood, which is the lowest rent in the region and translates to about $940/month for a 1BR apartment). The development would host affordable childcare spots on site. It displaces nobody. It’s next to a SkyTrain station.

However, 2 Councillors Colleen Jordan and Dan Johnston disagreed. Cllr Johnston even went as far as to say that he was voting against the project “on principle” of not amending the Official Community Plan.

My principles?

Affordable housing. Affordable child care. Walkable, transit-oriented communities. We are in a housing crisis and a climate crisis and it’s time to act like it. These are my principles, not adhering to archaic processes that never adequately encompass the voices of those who in fact, will be most impacted — those who will ultimately live in the building.

I was proud to vote in support of this project because what a shame if we can’t even accept what’s presented in front of us.


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